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Most of the time you will know what to expect from the conditions at a certain race field, yet everything can change rapidly and you could have anything from flat water to grueling “side-wind-through massive chop” conditions or downwind conditions in a matter of minutes. For the ease of mind JP Australia created the Race Allwater shapes. These sleek machines are the result of countless number of prototypes, airfreight charges and days on the water of their best racers. It features a planning hull design with rounded nose for connecting glides. The bottom transfers into a double concave bottom under the standing area slightly fading into a V tail. The tail became wider and thicker to add stability and planning area when stepping back into a surf stance on a glide. Boards have additional forward leash plug position to prevent feet from getting tangled up with the leash on the tail of the boards.

The 12’6” models need to cater to very different competition formats from beach races to flatwater sprints so the boards must have fast planning surfaces and catch bumps or surf with ease. JP- Australia reduced the piercing nose and increased the nose scoop. The rolled and wider nose section helps lifting the board onto the plane. Towards the mid-section the bottom shape transform to a single concave. This offers maximum stability with a rail line for great directional stability. Additionally we could lower the standing positon making every paddle stroke more efficient. Towards the wider tail we opened up the concave flowing into a slight V shape for better release and improved ability to surf and steer the board through the waves. Various handle positons round of the complete package for an outstanding race board.

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