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They provide superior stability and easy handling which the beginner needs! Yet, they are more than pure beginner boards as they can get you onto the plane like a large freeride board. Consequently they are excellent beginner and family boards, also offering fun to the advanced rider.

Their comfortable EVA decks have various footstrap options from an easy inboard cruising setup to a sportier stance out on the rail of the board. They all come with indestructible, detachable fiberglass nose protectors.

The 205 and 180 are simply perfect beginner boards. After only a few hours everybody will be sailing back and forth. The 145 and 160 have a wide range of use: From beginner boards for kids and lightweights to sporty cruisers for more advanced riders.

ASA SANDWICH Technology with full EVA deck, nose protector and a carrying handle on the nose and tail.

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