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The Connector is designed by Dave Kalama who is the pioneer of SUP downwind paddling. Dave has been designing and testing downwind boards and winning downwind races since the beginning of modern day SUP as we know it. What makes downwind paddling fun and rewarding is the glide you get when you hook up a bump and are able to connect from one bump to another and string together a long ride with tons of glide. To do this you need a board that gets you on the bumps, and allows you to stay on the bumps.

The Inflatable Connector DLX is designed for Downwind Runs, Touring or Adventure style paddling. Drawing from the same shaping features and outline of the Carbon model, the Connector DLX is the perfect trainer when you are on the go.

With the double skin DLX construction you can rest easy knowing you have the stiffest and most durable inflatable board on the market that will stand up to daily use and abuse.

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